Fabulous Egg-Peas kuruma

This past weekend the kid and I were left alone as the hubby dear had to travel to his native….I had to cook something that is quick and also tasty so that the little mite will open her mouth for some morsel of food which she otherwise has been avoiding for the past couple of days..she wasnt keeping for the firs half of the week and her intake had reduced so much…she loves egg especially the boiled one..so i quickly qhipped up this recipe that had boiled egg and along with the kuruma with peas in it….here’s the recipe….

to grind:

half cup of grated coconut

quarter cup of finely onion chopped onions

1tsp of poppy seeds

half tsp of fennel seeds

to make a paste out of :

5 cloves of garlic

quarter inch of ginger

1-2 green chillies

other ing.:

3 small roma tomatoes, finely crushed to be made out to a pulp

cup of peas – blanched and set aside

1tsp tumeric pwdr

1tsp of chilli powder (could increase depending on the taste)

1tsp of dhaniya/corriander powder

some corriander leaves for garnishing

3 eggs, boiled,peeled and sides slit.

method :

1. In a wok add one tbsp of rice bran oil( i prefer cooking with this oil)

2. add two cardomoms,a half inch cinnamon stick,one bay leaf and star anise

3. fry them for a minute or so and then add the ground paste and add the tumeric,chilli and the dhaniya powder.

4.Let them get cooked till the oil seperates

5. add the crushed tomato and the ginger garlic,chilli paste and add a half cup of water and let it simmer till all the masala combines and get cooked

6.When the oil seperates, add the boiled ,peeled and slit eggs.

7. mix the whole thing, add a little bit of water again and salt to taste and cover and cook for about 5 mins.

8. Once it is cooked, add the dhaniya leaves for garnish.

ta da!


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A new beginning

New year and a new beginning.So,first off the bat,here’s wishing you a very happy and a prosperous new year.

So many things happened in 2009 and so many more to come on its way in 2010.If only we know what is in store for us….

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